As follow up of the news of the Approval of Aducanumab for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease by the FDA, please consider reading the following document concerning the position of the European Alzheimer’s Disease Consortium (EADC): Statement-Approval-Aducanumab-EADC.pdf.

Aims and objectives

Alzheimer's disease affects about 800 000 new patients every year in Europe. In addition, Alzheimer's disease is directly responsible for 50% of the dependency of aged persons. Today new perspectives are opening up before us, which require the setting up of large interventional studies (therapeutic as well as other types of study) relating to prevention, treatment and management of the disease or its complications.

The EADC is a network of over 50 European centres of clinical and biomedical research excellence working in the field of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. It aims to provide a setting in which

  • to increase the basic scientific understanding of, and
  • to develop ways to prevent, slow, or ameliorate the primary and secondary symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease.

This will be done by facilitating large pan-European multi-disciplinary wide research studies.
Funding for the original realisation of this network was received from the European Commission which supported work towards standardisation of diagnostic criteria, assessment tools and data collection methods, with a view to this being followed by a trial period involving the testing and practical application of the tools agreed.

This project has received financial support from the European Commission.